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Bizerba: Cut food hygienically (hall 6, booth E56)

There are many causes for the premature deterioration of meat products. In addition to inappropriate storage and inadequate transportation, poor hygiene in further processing can also be responsible for this. The hygienic design of the Bizerba cutting machine helps food companies to minimise the risk of contamination in a targeted way: all machine parts are easy to access, dissemble and clean. The new Ceraclean surface finish with marginal surface adhesion also ensures that knives clog less, cut goods are thus less contaminated and last longer.

Automatic cutting machine VS-12 D wins Catering Star award

1,500 German catering managers and buyers have once again chosen the best technological innovations of the last 24 months in a survey by the magazine Catering Inside. In the "kitchen technology" category, Bizerba won the Catering Star 2010 with the VS-12 D cutting machine. "We are very pleased to receive this award and give our thanks for the trust that catering decision-makers nationwide have vested in Bizerba innovations“, says Martin Arndt, technical manager at Bizerba.

The VS-12 D is used in catering, at the butchers, in food retail and in the delicatessen section. It is suitable for cutting sausages, ham, bacon, smoked meat, joints and roulades. "To date, each cutting disc required a certain talent for decoration. The VS 12 D creates totally new possibilities here“, explains Arndt.

Cut slices are automatically deposited without the need to be touched and are ready to be served. The different depot types can be retrieved via direct buttons. The VS-12 D can fan in three rows lengthwise and crosswise and can deposit the cut goods in round form on the cutting discs. The optional round plate actuator also offers creative storage options. The cutting machine is robust and extremely resistant in automatic continuous operation and is also resistant to corrosion.

Strong at the counter – Manual cutting machines in the VS-12 series

Combined with connected scales, the manual cutting machines in the VS-12 series enable cutting that is precise to the very gram. Due to the low design, eye contact with the customer can always be maintained.The new Ceraclean surface finishing makes the devices even more resistant to corrosion. The life span and the intervals between maintenance are thus increased, the cleaning time is reduced by half. The knives clog less, the cut goods are thus less contaminated and last longer.

For salads, gyros, stir-fry dishes etc. – The tenderiser and strip cutter S111 plus

The application areas of the tenderiser and strip cutter S 111 plus are so versatile as are the number of cutting inserts: the strip cutting insert S 021 is used for the preparation of salads from sausage, meat and cheese strips as well as for cutting gyros, cucumbers, mushrooms, fruit or onions. On the other hand, with the brittle insert S 011, joints can be reprocessed into strips. The closed and smooth surfaces enable the S111 to be cleaned quickly and thanks to the wide utility space, the device is also safe from tilting.

Self-cleaning at the press of a button: the automatic cutting machine A 400

The A 400 has a well-arranged operator panel with a splash-proof keypad and a graphic supporting LCD display with backlight. Slide stroke rate, cutting force, storage form and other parameters can be saved under a programme. In total, 200 different operator programmes can be easily retrieved by entering digits.
"The cleaning programme can also be started by pressing a button. The cutting force is automatically shut, the slide released to tilt and all other machine functions are locked. The command to grind the knife also takes place just as easily. The cutting force to apply to the grinder is then automatically opened, the grinding is started by pressing the knife motor button“, explains Arndt.The A 400 can also be equipped with a conveyor belt and can thus be perfectly integrated into a continuous work process during pre-cutting.

The meat and bone saw FK 23

The meat and bone saw FK 23 is used in particular in butchers, preparation areas and large kitchens in order to dissect and portion out fresh and frozen meat, beef shanks and hollow bones. The open, extensive form of the table saw allows quick and easy cleaning. The tape and wheel wiper system is easy to detach for this purpose, the saw band is quick to remove and replace again using the handle.

About Bizerba

Bizerba is a leading, worldwide-operating Solutions-provider offering professional system solutions in scale, label, information and food service technologies, in the retail, food industry, producing and logistic segments. Sector-specific hardware and software, high-performance network-compatible management systems as well as a wide selection of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and high-level availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present in over 120 countries – with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries, as well as 54 country distributors. The company’s headquarters, with a staff of 3,000, is located in Balingen, Germany. Further manufacturing facilities are located in Meßkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfäffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (USA) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico).

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