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Betty Barclay opts for staff scheduling from SEAK

Betty Barclay, one of the leading German women’s outer garments enterprises, is going to implement SEAK staff scheduling internationally in the future.

With its brands „Betty Barclay“, „Vera Mont“, and „Gil Bret“, the Betty Barclay group represents quality, zeitgeist, sovereignty and competence. More than 3.500 specialist trade partners, own Betty Barclay stores, Betty Barclay shop-in-stores and specialist departments of high-quality department stores transport the Betty Barclay lifestyle-concept.
With Betty Barclay SEAK wins a further renowned customer. More than 180 companies from the fashion-, shoe-, and sport retail – from global player to local business – have already decided in favor for SEAK staff scheduling. Among others, these are Gerry Weber, Tom Taylor, Wortman (Tamaris), Hallhuber, SinnLeffers, Dielmann and Werdich.
Staff scheduling from SEAK differs from other systems in one crucial point: not the planning of employees is in the foreground, but the investigation of optimal staff requirement on the basis of agreed sales objectives.

SEAK customers particularly value the specialization of SEAK in retail, apart from the absolutely practical orientation and suitability for every day life of the staff scheduling. SEAK knows its customers demands and needs inside out.