Barthelmess Group

Barthelmess presents visual merchandising of Autumn/Winter 2013/14


The design team of the visual merchandising specialist Barthelmess has published its new workbook. In it, the trend scouts and designers present a number of trend inspirations for the visual merchandising of the second half of 2013. In Barthelmess' view, four main design concepts stand out.

The first works intensively with frost, snow and ice. "Winter in the City" is the theme here. "Next winter, we will come across snow and ice in many display windows," says designer Doris Repper. In some cases, exploded shapes, such as open cubes, are also used, which bring dynamism and tension to the presentation, with all the frost.

The Barthelmess trend scouts also predict visual merchandising concepts which appear lofty, ornate and solemn. Baroque elements and shapes, tapestries and the heavy use of gold bring an atmosphere of nobility, high-class workmanship and past luxury into the display windows and the stores. These inspirations are pervaded by influences from the Russian region.

In contrast, a style that has assimilated a lot of Scandinavian design appears light, clear and linear. Light wood combined with gold, black and paper brings warmth and an atmosphere of well-being to the presentations, as well as great simplicity, tranquillity and Nordic elegance.

The fourth style works a lot with gold and shaded colours. Clear lines contrast with distorted shapes. Umbrellas and parachutes create a floating effect for these presentations.

According to designer Mareike Wittko, "in this new workbook, we do not talk about trends anymore, but about inspirations. Our sector is so creative that we simply want to give a few ideas, which our partners can then work with concretely from the customers' perspective. That is why it is called a 'workbook'. It should not just stand on the shelf, but should be a valuable companion and support for our customers in the season Autumn/Winter/Christmas 2013/14"

All the inspirations can be seen as three-dimensional presentations in the Barthelmess showroom. You can find a 'making-of' film for these on the Barthelmess YouTube channel: