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Barthelmess presents visual merchandising inspirations for spring / summer 2014

Work Book Barthelmes © Barthelmes Group

The designers and trend scouts of visual merchandising specialist Barthelmess have published a new workbook presenting a multitude of visual merchandising inspirations for spring and summer of 2014.

The days of purism and minimalism are definitely gone. ‘It’s going to be cheerful, vibrant and floral,’ Barthelmess designer Doris Repper reports. ‘Flowers, trees and grass growing and blooming in all sorts of shapes and sizes – whether with an urban flair in greenhouses, geometric in backlit acrylic cubes or light and whimsical on generous embroidery frames.’ Nature’s poetry is pervading the city. Huge patterns, origami and the combination of organic and geometric forms characterise the scenes. Everything is gigantic; oversized objects are mirrored repeatedly to create exciting and enthralling worlds – just for the summer with compositions of water lilies, lotuses and flamingos at the centre.

The comic strip scenes create a special accent. Superheroes will be conquering next year’s display windows with a bang.

Workbook as creative spur and aid

Markus Xyländer, Head of the Design Team at Barthelmess, says: ‘In this new workbook we don’t even speak of trends, but rather we use the word “inspirations”. Our industry is so creative that we are simply putting forward some ideas that our partners can work with on the customer side. That’s why it’s called a workbook. It’s not just for the bookshelf; it should serve as a valuable guide that our customers use in developing and planning their next projects.'