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At REWE Büsken an LED lighting concept saves time and money

Rewe Büsken Ansorg © Ansorg GmbH

A shining example of high economic efficiency as a result of the use of the right lighting technology is the successful alterations of REWE Büsken in Raesfeld. With the new LED concept from Ansorg the operator saves considerable energy costs, while the customers benefit from a good presentation of the goods: by means of intelligent lighting you will easily find your way through the supermarket and hence quickly find the products required.

As a local supplier at a central location in Raesfeld, district of Borken, REWE Büsken has become outstandingly established. An extension of the sales area by about 300 m² therefore suggested itself. In spring 2013 after a short period for alterations a modern supermarket has emerged which takes account of the high frequency of customer
visits. Ansorg was entrusted with the development and implementation of the lighting concept, to which above all two
requirements were linked: lighting supporting sales in an optimum manner which is convincing also economically, that is, regarding energy savings.

“Every day a bit better“ is at the heart of the philosophy at REWE. With that naturally also Ansorg’s lighting specialists were called uponto contribute their part to organising daily shopping more pleasantly, better and simply in a more customer-friendly way. The claim resulted in a concept that provides the customers with good orientation due to dynamic goods illumination and guides them through the market.

This begins in the bright entrance area that receives the customers in a friendly way. The Piazza LED luminaires with a powerful 8,000 lm here ensure uniform and glare-free illumination. In the freshness area with fruit and vegetable counters what is necessary is the emphasising of the variety of colours and products, which was implemented in the peripheral areas with the Cardo CRL recessed spotlights and is continued on the boxes in the aisle area with the
accentuating Take TKL surface –mounted spotlights.

In the aisle areas the new LED luminaire Navo is used which ensures optimum light distribution in the shelves and sets a brilliant and eyecatching scene for the goods, so that quick finding of the desired brands and products is ensured. Through the special reflector technology of the Navo the luminaires can be placed at distances of more than 3 m apart which is a point indicating the high efficiency of the solution. Orthogonally arranged shelves and gondola heads can be reached with further spotlights.

A visual upgrading of the freezer cabinets is achieved by the decorative suspended luminaires of the Classic series, the lamp shades of which are provided with a mirrored surface finish and provide an additional orientation aid. The lighting technology itself ensures uniformly bright horizontal lighting which guarantees good identification of the goods.

The sausage, meat and cheese counters are a particular challenge, since there care must be taken to find solutions which are especially gentle on the goods. This succeeds best with LED light and in this case with the gimbal-mounted luminaires of the Cardo series. These are optimised with product-specific LED modules, e.g. in warm white with 2700K for the appetising presentation of cheese as well as by the use of meat modules in the meat area which set the stage for the quality of the fresh goods in an optimum manner. The customer communication with offer signs behind the counter is, moreover, well supported by built-in spotlights of the Punta type.

The solutions used are not only gentle on the goods, but also on the energy balance: from the power track-mounted Take TKL spotlights in the peripheral and freezer areas as far as the LED ceiling panels for glare-free light at the cash desks the whole room concept was designed for maximum efficiency. The success: a sensationally low energy consumption of 10.6 W/m².