MERO-TSK International GmbH + Co. KG, Ausstellungs-Systeme

Arrangement in Space

The stand builders are on their way to the Retail Fair. There are only a few days left to the opening of the Euroshop 2011 where the visitors can experience the live presentation of MERO’s novelties under the title “Arrangement in Space” in Hall 9, Stand G655.
The different elements and colors alone are the eye catcher of the space frame from M12 Plus and M12 Midi tubes. The 10 m free cantilever at a system height of 1 m will make a technician’s heart beat faster.
Light beams were already available but the new Meroform LED beams can be used, under certain conditions, even as a space frame tube as they can bear tensile and compressive forces.
The brochure holders and the futuristic look of the tensegrity tables show that the M6 system can be used for more than counters or displays.
Moving along bright and shiny with the Meroform Light Panel. The extremely flat light panels of just 8 mm thickness perfectly fit to the M6 System.

A cladding element in quadrant shape and provided with a groove
for the M6 System. The logistics will be delighted because after application the cladding element is to be transported and to be stored laying flat.
Last but not least several Meroform partners present their design, emotions and visions in a series of studies on the new systems M12 Plus, P12 Midi and M6.
If you want to set yourself apart from other exhibitors rent the new MERO Systems in the color of your choice.