Ansorg implements lighting concept for Indonesia’s new large department store

© Ansorg GmbH

Galeries Lafayette, the legendary department store and symbol of the French art de vivre has now finally arrived also on the Indonesian retail horizon.

At the busy Pacific Place in the heart of Jakarta a fascinating fashion temple has been created. Both the outside design and also the store concept were developed by the architects’ office Plajer & Franz with the idea of taking a touch of Parisian lifestyle to Indonesia. The appropriate lighting concept was implemented by Ansorg. The new department store provides more than 300 brands and a huge amount of Parisian chic over an area of 12,000 m² on four floors.

One day in Paris…that is the leitmotif of the design concept. For example, typical Parisian elements such as the Eiffel Tower, house façades and street lamps consistently turn up again in the store. The lighting in the department store generates a friendly, bright and inviting atmosphere for the clients and sets the scene for the goods in an exciting and dynamic way.

As a consistent lighting solution, the Lightstripe modular lighting system is used, equipped in each case with two recessed accent spotlights for a calm and uncluttered ceiling look. By means of the use of very narrow-beam reflectors a lighting mood rich in accents is obtained that underlines the colour variety and the particular quality of the goods. By the use of lamps with different wattages the outer belt of the store is visually set apart from the interior room sector. In subareas such as the entrance area or the shop window, in addition to the Lightstripe system, gimbal-mounted recessed spotlights of the Cardo series and Velo power track-mounted spotlights are also used.

The lighting puts the necessary gloss and glow on the modern temple-like department store and in an optimum manner reflects the Galeries Lafayette “Mix and Match” philosophy as an important integrative component of the store design.

Source: Ansorg GmbH