Ansorg GmbH

Ansorg implements LED lighting in Porsche showroom in La Rochelle


Contours, colours, details – Porsche is not a car, Porsche is a legend. This exclusive claim must be taken into account by a presentation that can transport the fascination of the automotive trademark. A pure LED lighting solution from Ansorg is now ensuring bright visual experiences with, what is more, a brilliant energy balance in the new showroom in La Rochelle.

By means of homogeneous and neutral illumination of the room a basis is created on which with systematic spotlighting threedimensional modelling of the vehicles is achieved – those were the specifications of Porsche’s corporate requirements.

Spotlights create a scene for the vehicles

Spotlights with flood effect and overlapping light cones cover the floor, additionally accent spotlights are used which, due to the sparkling of light reflections, impressively set the scene for the vehicle finishes. The clear motto: pure exclusiveness.

Harmonious lighting integrated unobtrusively

A claim that Ansorg met with the help of a particularly energy-efficient concept. For the overall area: Tecno TBL with a basic cylindrical shape. The straight-line geometry of the design at the same time corresponds to the effect of the light cone which, with high-quality reflector equipment ensures a homogeneous and pleasant flood effect on the floor and the walls. Precisely positioned these create, as power track-mounted spotlights, the basis for a harmonious, unobtrusive lighting system.

Flexible lighting in every position

Since the focus is naturally elsewhere: the vehicle is the star that is to be made to shine. With Brick BML as a highlighter here particularly high-quality luminaires of purist design are used here. Moreover, Porsche profits from a sophisticated tilting and turning mechanism so that luminaire concept rich in contrast can be exactly adapted to the desired vehicle positioning; changes are possible at any time.

A classic and valuable presentation

Ansorg at the same time discreetly supports Porsche’s trademark attributes not least with classic and valuable design. The technical characteristics of the conception are also classic and valuable, since a long service-life and low maintenance requirements are characteristic of the Ansorg solution developed here and the energy efficiency achieved also ensures brilliant economic efficiency in use.