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Ansorg: E-Center Kappe relies on innovative LED technology

Edeka_Ansorg_© Max Schulz

Innovation pays off: with a comprehensive Ansorg lighting concept exactly adapted to the particular areas and requirements the newly opened E-Center near Hanover achieves sensationally low energy consumption values of less than 10 W/m². At the same time, it is shown how, with perfect LED illumination, aesthetic value and a pleasant ambiance can be produced by light in the supermarket. Brilliant light quality with the highest economic efficiency is achieved in particular by the use of the new LED luminaire NAVO. This new development from Ansorg upgrades especially the aisle areas of the E-Center and ensures a customer-friendly supermarket atmosphere that promotes sales.

Conversion took only 25 days in which the former branch of Marktkauf in Seelze became a modern E-Center which has now been shining in a new light since February. The new light is in this case to be understood quite literally, since the lighting designers from Ansorg have developed a concept that relies on high-performance LED solutions with extraordinary design possibilities. These are supplemented with appealing design accents which are set by various suspended luminaires. For every supermarket area a functionally, aesthetically and economically perfectly designed lighting system has been implemented.

Emotion, personality, care and quality – that is what Edeka’s brand appearance stands for. Values which are not only expressed in advertising but also by high-quality equipment and furnishing. The particular love of detail becomes clear wherever sensitive food items such as fish, meat or vegetables are on offer and where, as regards illumination, perfection is in demand. The visual impression in such cases backs up the personal shopping experience and creates confidence.

The area comprising 3,439 m² appears generously dimensioned but nevertheless well structured as a result of skilful sub-dividing and appropriate light settings. In the thoroughfares, pendant Pizza downlights provide bright or pleasantly glare-free light. From there, aisle areas branch off that undergo marked upgrading due to the use of the Ansorg innovation NAVO: this trendsetting solution with an indirect reflector technique ensures particularly accentuated light that sets the scene very well for the goods display on the shelves and creates a structure. As a result of the large distances of 3 m between the luminaires, this technology can also be used very efficiently. The design of NAVO takes a discreet backseat, so that the focus is clearly on the goods. The care with which Edeka looks after food is thus particularly well supported. A neutral colour temperature of 3000K has proven successful here, while frozen food compartments and the chemist’s shop area are discreetly set off with a matching colder light colour temperature of 4000K.

An upgrading of the freezer cabinets is achieved with the help of suspended luminaires of the Maxx Factory series with wide-beam reflectors. These place design accents and ensure bright, homogeneous lighting. The customer in this case enjoys a high degree of visual comfort, as the light source is more or less invisible and the focus is clearly on the goods on display.

In the fruit and vegetable area it is necessary to generate colour brilliance, variety and a fresh ambiance, which is why Ansorg here relies on a combination of shape and goods-accentuating lighting with the LED spotlights Take TKL and decorative light. The latter is produced by the suspended luminaires Classic Ball with their reflectant surface which, with their modern shape, provide an exciting design contrast to the room dividers with the stonewall look and in that way playfully contradict that look. Take TKL was also used in the cash desk area, and, as a downlight, it ensures functional and glare-free light creating friendly scenery and providing the customers with consistently pleasant surroundings until they leave the premises. Behind the cash desks, the decorative suspended Piazza luminaires lead you into the mall area, provide bright illumination and help you to find your way easily.

Central to the philosophy of the E-Centers are the service counters offering fresh and high-quality meat and sausage products as well as cheese and fish. At the E-Center in Kappe they also decided in favour of a lighting solution that meets the various requirements such as protection of the goods, pointing the way und goods presentation. Special-offer signs and information panels are emphasised with recessed spotlights of the Punta series over the whole area, while gimbal-mounted LED luminaires of the Cardo series illuminate the goods. The light colour temperatures were selected in accordance with the specific products: the special LED fish modules with a high blue portion ensure a particularly cool, fresh look and emphasise the crushed ice as well as the different types of fish. Warm white with 2700K, on the other hand, flatters the cheese which is presented especially golden yellow and tasty. And finally the LED meat module makes a juicy and tasty impression in the case of meat and sausage products that can be staged in an appetising manner and is particularly gentle on the goods.

A concluding highlight that underlines the relative importance of attributes such as enjoyment and cosiness at Edeka, is the wine and spirits area in Seelze.

The specially designed room in the style of a bodega with a vaulted brick cellar presents itself like a specialist store. Sealed off, the connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts are to sample and select completely at their leisure. Recessed LED spotlights of the Punta series, which, with 2700K warm white light, are deliberately subdued, ensure a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

In comparison with the old concept, no less than 50% of the energy was saved. Due to the comprehensive LED concept, moreover, the consequential costs were considerably reduced. The long service life minimises expenditure and time spent on maintenance and servicing, so that sustainable effects are to be expected as regards cost reduction.