Poindus Systems Corp.

Announcing the Launch of the New Poindus Website

We are pleased to announce the launch of Poindus Systems Corp’s new website!
The new website has been redesigned to reorganize our content, categorize our Product Pages by Type and add new sections like the ‘Application’ area which segments products by Industry.  Additional categories including Peripherals and Proof of Concept products are now available.  Exploring updated Product Information, Application Scenarios, and Success Cases is now simplified and an updated common FAQ is now available in the support section

The new Poindus website also consolidates the regional branch websites providing a total integrated experience across our whole product range and industry solutions.

Using the latest website technology with Responsive Web Design will simplify navigation and ensure visitors have the optimal viewing experience.  We hope you find the new Poindus website informative and useful. If you have any feedback, please let us know via our contact form or our Social Media Channels on Facebook or Twitter.

We will continue to optimize our website, and hope you enjoy the new user experience.
Please come and visit us at:

Thank you

The Poindus Team