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Alworths introduces Datalogic ‘Memor’ hand held terminals in new stores

02.06.10 Alworths, the national chain of general merchandise stores, has chosen Datalogic Mobile’s ‘Memor’ handheld terminal to work with Futura’s retail management solution to perform essential in-store stock and inventory functions.

Alworths is a rising star on British high streets. After the successful launch of the first store in Didcot the group has now grown impressively.

In order to increase store efficiency and customer satisfaction, Alworths decided to invest in Futura4Scan – Futura’s latest mobile scanning software technology. After evaluating a number of devices, it chose to install the Datalogic Memor hand held terminal.

Working in tandem with Futura’s EPOS solution the Memor can quickly move from a basic stock taking application to a variety of more complicated activities such as using scan ID to return damaged/spoilt goods to suppliers, price adjustments to promote certain lines and the inevitable price markdowns for end of life goods.

With its mobile phone style keypad, incredibly bright, cystal-clear screen and Datalogic’s patented ‘green-spot’/good read technology alworth’s staff have found the Memor intuitive and very easy to use. A five position joystick allows rapid navigation between screens.

Andy Latham, Managing Director of alworths said: “Our aim is to provide our customers with the products that they had been missing on the high street. In order to achieve this we need strong technology. We chose Futura for powerful inventory management and Datalogic Memor as an integral part of this solution. We’ll be able to use historical trends for recommended reordering and auto-replenishment and will use complete and immediate stock visibility to show our managers which lines are selling out with the ability to react quickly.”

With the open platform of a Windows operating system, alworths and its EPOS/IT partner Futura can now look to develop further applications, for greater improvements in store efficiency.