Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH

"Always at the cutting edge": Pfleiderer presents

Carambola (U1876), Granny Smith (U1877) and Limette (U1878)

Anyone who wants to find out more about decorative trends in shopfitting should visit the wood-based panel manufacturer Pfleiderer from 16 to 20 February 2014 at the EuroShop trade fair. "As a supplier to the furniture industry and interior designers, we continuously analyse current trends in these segments, and these are clearly reflected in our new decors", explains Sabine Spitz, who heads melamine-faced product management at Pfleiderer.

"In the wide range of plain colours, yellow and green set the tone", stated the decor expert. In the case of wood finishes the natural look became increasingly popular, including with signs of wear and tear ("distressed" finish) or rough hewn. Similar trends apply to stone and concrete reproductions. "We have clearly identified a new naturalness as a common denominator", says Sabine Spitz.

Green is the favourite colour of trend forecasters

It is not without reasons that green, the colour of sustainability and ecology, is currently the favourite of trend forecasters, explains Sabine Spitz: "The colour ranges from spring-fresh to camouflage colours." With its new Carambola (Star Fruit), Granny Smith and Lime, Pfleiderer has opted for greens that harmonise particularly well with natural woods.

The same also applies to the new yellow additions to the Pfleiderer collection: Turmeric and saffron brighten up dark surfaces. "They have a particularly positive and calm effect on the eye", says Sabine Spitz and also recommends that they be combined with decors that imitate natural woods.

The new wood finishes: harmonious and where possible untreated

Pfleiderer also has several new wood highlights in its product range. For example, the blonde Masurian Birch or the light-coloured Lime Tree-Repro Colorado. The name Palermo Pine is given to a brushed pine with flower areas and striped sections. "A very harmonious decor, which is ideally suited to furniture fronts and carcasses", states Sabine Spitz.

Also new: Two very different oak reproductions, each with two variations. Dark and earthy, Salina Oak has a particularly strong effect – "which looks great as a worktop with light-coloured decors", says the product manager: "The lighter coloured Shetland Oak on the other hand is more subdued and is made for furniture with an elegant solid wood look." The same applies to Madison Walnut, a fine walnut wood, which Pfleiderer has re-interpreted for its current collection.

Isn't it great? The new worktops are rougher

The wood-based panel manufacturer has developed two oak decors, especially for its HPL worktops, which reflect the trend towards a rough hewn look: With its saw marks and signs of wear and tear, Everglade embodies a gnarled real wood feel. "An absolute highlight is also Relief Wood, our new split wood", says Sabine Spitz, obviously enthusiastic about this decor's enormous print depth and fascinating play of colours.

The theme of untreated, natural material is also continued in the new stone decors. With Minerva grey and Mykonos, Pfleiderer has added interesting interpretations of concrete. "As you can see: With our new decors we always move with the times", confirms Sabine Spitz: "In this way we offer our customers reliable signposts to the decor worlds of tomorrow."