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Aluminium low cost benches

NEW PRODUCT - 3 heights set
Thinking about the fitting in our stores, it’s crucial to select a display option that will enhance the show of flowers and plants in order to capture the customer's attention and arouse the desire to buy a certain product. In the specific case of plants and flowers, it’s obvious that the display to be used has to match with the characteristics of each single plant, being these of different heights, shapes and always conditioned by marketing related and emotional factors.

This displaying method, as simple as it is, is a real alternative to the often used systems having the same heights. Organizzazione Orlandelli, Leader in design and production of displays for Garden Centers, has gone along with this natural need by offering a very effective exhibit solution. The benches, in sets of 10 or 20 pieces, are composed by 3 heights (350mm, 550mm and 750mm) in order to optimize the correct presentation of every plants’ type, from the lowest, such as Primulas or Violas, to the intermediate sizes, like Hortensias or Rhododendron, to the highest plants, like Ficus or Dracaenas.

Besides the correct displaying issue, think about the difference between using benches of same and different heights or, maybe, together. You can boost the displaying method using optional equipment, such as basket holder or raised bench. No doubt, the effect will be a more dynamic show; you’ll play with the property of floral colors and, at the same time, get the best of dynamism and creativity in a very simple way.

In order to satisfy customers' needs that would like to have very well finished benches at low price, a "ready to assemble" low cost version has been created by Organizzazione Orlandelli. The predrilled aluminium profiles will be assembled by the client using screws and rivets which will be supplied, maintaining the same aesthetic value as well as the resistance of the welded bench. Economic benefits concerning the bench together with the cost of transportation, are guaranteed.