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All-in-one: Bosch enhances Modular Alarm Platform 5000 and simplifies integration of fire detection

All-in-one: Bosch enhances Modular Alarm Platform 5000 and simplifies integration of fire detection

The connection has never been easier: With its enhanced Modular Alarm Platform 5000, Bosch now enables automatic fire detectors, such as the 420 Series, to be automatically integrated into the platform’s LSN ring. This removes the need for special fire detectors with relay bases. The new release represents a particularly cost-effective and time-saving solution for installer and customers.

These new services make the platform very attractive for applications where an intrusion system is mandatory - and where the customer wishes for additional fire detection. A common example is a bank foyer with automated teller machine, accessible day and night. While the foyer is always equipped with intrusion technology, it does not necessarily have a fire detection system. However, with the updated version of the Modular Alarm Platform 5000, the fire alarm periphery can be effortlessly integrated into the intrusion system.

The Modular Alarm Platform 5000, first introduced in 2008, is renowned for its user-friendliness and flexibility - whether in large industrial buildings or small office branches, irrespective of the particular security level. A clearly-structured touch screen display enables intuitive and easy operation of the device. Furthermore, the modular nature of the system allows the easy
adaptation of existing installations to changing needs over time. The platform uses the Bosch data bus to connect a maximum of 8 LSN modules with up to 127 sensors or inputs/outputs per module for maximum security and flexibility. Bosch is the only manufacturer worldwide implementing a uniform sensor bus technology: LSN for fire and intrusion systems.

The data bus can connect up to 32 control centers with a maximum of 1,000 users, ensuring unmatched scalability. Thanks to the standardized CAN bus technology from Bosch in the device, the system may be easily extended at any point in time. The Modular Alarm Platform 5000 can be fully integrated into a building management system via an open IP interface. This open interface furthermore enables the platform to form an integral part of other security and building management systems. When incorporated in the Building Integration System (BIS) from Bosch, the platform can be operated directly from the BIS workstation.