"Akron" lightweight concrete panel

Akron panels, application in retail store

Real Beton Lightweight Panel

Architectural concrete is a whole philosophy but also an intertemporal dynamic element with powerful presence. It has been used by the best known architects, in various forms and types, indeed some have linked their work with its use. Its plain appearance combined with the vast number of possible applications in which it can be used have resulted in items of unequaled beauty.

Many replication techniques of architectural concrete have been developed in order to meet the need, or the taste, of a great, growing, amount of exquisite clientele, for this look. Real Beton was the first to create REAL architectural concrete, in the form of lightweight panels which cover, as coatings, any surface. The panels are always prefabricated based on the dimensions and the individuality of each application, in any kind of formwork (wood, metal, etc.) and the outcome is of optimal aesthetics. Real molded concrete, in the form of prefabricated panels, create a compact single wall even in the most inaccessible places, where molding on the spot, would not be an option. It is real concrete with all the materials properties (appearance-texture) and has absolutely no resemblance with the various techniques of replication of concrete’s appearance. It can be adjusted to the dimensions and individuality of the space or the design. Its installation is quick, easy, and clean leaving no dust and causing no disruption. The result is fully controlled in means of appearance, due to prefabrication. There is possibility of shipping and installation with written technical advice.

Panel weight approx. 25Kg/m2
Maximum dimensions 260cm x 125cm
Thickness 4cm-6cm
Sound and thermal insulation properties
Compression resistance approx. 40MPa