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Aclas new scale--TS5 and TS2 touch POS scale earn great success in exhibitions!!

Cebit 2013

TS2 and TS5, as Aclas 2013 key recommended new product serials, were introduced in Aclas 2013 exhibitions, including Cebit exhibition, Canton Fair, Interwreighing, and has earned great success.

As soon as these 2 models were appeared, they have caught all the eyes of attendees, and received wider appeal due to the brilliant appearance, powerful functions, and convenient operation.

Both TS2 and TS5 are ARM-based touch scales, which can support open platform OS including Linux, Windows CE, Android.

TS2 is with 12" operator touch screen and 12" or 10" customer display. It is double body design, printer on top brings advantage of water resistance. And elevated tower design brings better operating experience for users.

TS5 is with full line-up of bench, pole, elevator and self-service type. And 10" operator touch screen for bench, pole and elevator type, and 19" big touch screen for self-service type, which is able to display more items with bigger pictures, offering great user experience.

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