Air Creative AG, Duftmarketing

A world first - Multi Sensuale dressing room

Research conducted in a great diversity of institutions confirms the theory that decisions to buy in the textiles trade are made almost entirely in the changing rooms. However, the same research also confirms that this area in particular leaves quite a bit to be desired. But this is barely registered at all by textile retailers.
The fact is that changing rooms cause emotional stress in many women.
Air Creative has decided to tackle this issue head on. Intensive research, experimental arrangements and customer surveys have combined to give rise to the patented “Multi Streamer”.

Alongside the mirror the “Multi Streamer" also incorporates a lighting system which allows both the colour and the intensity of the light to be adjusted. The LED system will reduce your electricity costs to between 5 and 10 % of their previous level.
Odour neutralisation and a messenger (scent) unit offer the comfort of unpleasant smell neutralisation and positively influence the customer’s emotional state through the use of messengers.
In addition, the system incorporates a floor disinfection module, the first of its kind in the world. This module allows the customer to take off her shoes without simultaneously having to worry about the risk of infection with athlete‘s foot. The customer gets a feeling of hygiene, and the staff benefit from a customer care feature of which they can be proud.
In addition, music, movement detectors or storage shelves for personal effects can be incorporated as a matter of course into the design of the unit. And we also offer you the opportunity to display product descriptions or the like directly in the mirror as an integral component of the unit.
All that you will need in the future for your changing cubicle is a handy power socket! Everything else comes from one company, with after-sales service from that same company. The cost savings will be significant, and your customers will be offered a totally new shopping experience!