A room of light and colour

A juwel of lighting and colour

In the high-class shopping location ‘Am neuen Wall’ in Hamburg you can find the jewellery shop Brahmfeld & Gutruf as a highlight modern lighting architecture.

Together with the responsable architectural office Kresings SATTLER realized an ambience of light and colour that fulfilled all the high requirements completely.

Wavelike structured illuminated walls and an illuminated foil ceiling with 35.565 LED’s make the room impression very individual and imply a generous and exclusive room experience to the visitors and clients.

The classical white lighting during the days can change between warmwhite (2700 K) and coldwhite (8000 K) and therefore adapt to the current daylight requirements. The flexibly adjustable colour possibilities in the jewellery shop attract even more attention in the dark, when neutral white, sapphire blue, emerald green or ruby red take full effect.