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A perfect combination: Pfleiderer brings PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid onto the market

The new PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid combines the benefits of a multi-function panel with those of a high-density fibreboard and demonstrates a particularly high bending strength.

Blockboard is getting serious competition: with a PremiumBoard MFP as the middle layer and a high-density fibreboard (HDF) as the facing layer, the PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid is particularly easy to process. As this new Pfleiderer core board – unlike blockboard – is not tied to a particular orientation, it can be used more flexibly, not least in furniture, stage and interior design. Thanks to the even facing layer, it is also perfectly suited for decorative functions, for example as a directly coated DecoBoard MPF Hybrid or as a Duropal flat bonded element MFP Hybrid, coated with HPL.

Optimum bending strength and drill holes that are accurate to the millimetre

"Our new PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid combines the benefits of a multi-function panel with those of a high-density fibreboard", explains Claus Seemann, Head of Product Management for Core Materials at Pfleiderer: "The PremiumBoard MFP in the middle layer ensures a high isotropic bending strength, both lengthwise and crosswise." And as far as screw pull-out resistance is concerned, the new board leaves all comparable products far behind with its high-density fibreboard facing layer, says Seemann: "Even the smallest drill holes are managed effortlessly with our PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid – accurate to the millimetre and without fraying."

The new board lends itself to interior fittings, amongst other things, as well as in the kitchen or living room furniture industry. "Exhibition stand constructors and furniture manufacturers, in particular, who rely on the most flexible materials possible with the highest strength properties, will be inspired", Seemann is confident: "By demonstrating particularly high bending strength, the MFP Hybrid opens up new scope in terms of planning and design." This should also please the manufacturers of shelving systems, double shelves and furniture shelves, Seemann states: "After all, the PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid also withstands large spans and high loads." At the same time, the board, which is available in the thicknesses 16 mm, 19 mm and 22 mm, demonstrates very good stability.

Low emissions in all areas of application

Of course, the PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid with its absolute surface stability is ideally suited to traditional furniture manufacture – as a base for the melamine resin coating, but also for veneers or HPL. "But regardless of how the new board is used, whether decoratively coated or raw: it meets all the criteria for the formaldehyde class E1", Seemann confirms.

Pfleiderer produces the PremiumBoard MFP Hybrid at the Leutkirch site – with a length of 5,600 millimetres, a width of 2,100 millimetres and three different thicknesses: 16, 19 and 22 millimetres. Moreover, for the coated version DecoBoard MFP Hybrid, the customer can choose from eight different structures and the comprehensive Pfleiderer design collection, to finish the MFP Hybrid according to the customers' individual ideas.