Valk Software BV

A Truly Unified Cross-Channel Journey

Many experts say that the consumer has changed dramatically in recent years. Not true, in our opinion. What has changed is technology, which is enabling consumers to interact with brands how they want.

It’s no longer enough to offer a single touchpoint for shoppers. Today customers expect the ability to shift seamlessly between touchpoints according to their individual preferences. To a large extent, where they buy is irrelevant. What is relevant is their experience. It needs to be uniform and information needs to be consistently available.

That’s why smart retailers are turning to ASPOS. They want to enable a truly unified cross-channel journey that keeps pace with customer expectations, delivers exceptional satisfaction – and the sales volume to show for it. Yes, teaming with Valk ensures that you have a single strategic partner for all of your cross-channel requirements, and that you create a consistent buying and brand experience across each customer touchpoint.