AWEK is Prepared for Mobile Couponing

In the future mobile coupons can be redeemed at POS systems of AWEK. With the update to euroCONTROL and the integration of the new method "open wallet" by acardo retailers can accept coupons from mobile phones at the checkout. A bar code scanner is not required in this process.
AWEK presents the new development at the EuroShop in Dusseldorf in hall 6, booth E/41.

With the steady spread of smartphones and iPhones consumer interest in coupons, vouchers and discount offers is growing. Previously, the redemption of coupons via mobile phones at the checkout posed a problem due to restrictions caused by bar code scanners, which often are not able to readout coupons form displays. The new method "open wallet" by acardo combined with the software solution euroCOUPON can process mobile coupons at the checkout without any additional bar code scanner.

Mobile phone turns into coupon booklet
The mobile coupon solution builds on the existing POS system integration of AWEK. This allows retailers to carry out couponing promotions nationwide or on regional basis. The purchase of mobile coupons can be rendered via many platforms such coupon provider, internet mailers, retailers, or recommendations. Also, local services make coupons available in the vicinity of the consumer.

With euroCOUPON mobile and printed coupons alike can be redeemed. Thus, ensuring accurate and reliable handling and processing of the coupons at the checkout. By the push of a button the POS system recognizes whether a printed or mobile coupon is being redeemed.

"Coupons are an important marketing tool in retail since even a low redemption rate leads to large increases in sales. In the future, retail will not be able to do without. "says Andreas Berger, CEO of AWEK. “We are planning our first pilot installation of mobile couponing with our customers in the nearby future.”