AWEK introduces POS-Mount smartPOLE


Tubing-System for Cable Protection and Ergonomics
at the Check-out

AWEK, comprehensive provider of IT-solutions for the retail trade brings a new mount for POS configurations to the market. With smartPOLE all cables are laid inside the tubing without exception. All single mounts and arms adjust freely. The new design offers a variety of combination possibilities of peripheral devices and enables the simple exchange of components.

With the POS-mount smartPOLE you can choose from a variety of mounts and brackets, e.g. for Tablet PC, EFT device, printer, and customer display, to put together the right combination for your POS workplace. In doing so, various configurations of POS peripherals are designed. Due to the flexible tubing system the POS workstation will always stay well-arranged and tidy. The arrangement of hardware is oriented at the ergonomic design of the POS workstation as well as contributing to comfort in the workplace.

Taking the right Turn
Each POS workstation is unique – the POS-mount must adapt accordingly. Each tubing element, joint, mount, or bracket of smartPOLE can be individually rotated, pivoted, and tilted. Any mounted hardware component can be adjusted independently of the others, while at the same time the cables are laying protected inside the tubing.
The modular design allows subsequent modifications and repairs to be carried out selectively without dismantling the whole smartPOLE.

Robust Handling
The tubing elements are made of powder coated hardened steel, therefore proving to be scratch and impact resistant. smartPOLE is available in various colors and can thus be tailored to the store design.

"Background of our development is, that none of the commercially available POS-mounts has met the requirements of our customers sufficiently," says Andreas Berger, CEO of AWEK AG. "That is why we have developed a new design concept ourselves which enhances any workstation by getting rid of disarrangement, and in many respects improving serviceability."