AWEK Invents a Scale that is actually a Check-Out

AWEK, full service provider of POS systems, presents its software solution euroSCALE at the trade fair EuroShop 2011 in Dusseldorf/Germany. The solution which is based on the POS-application euroCASH transfers the complete range of functionalities of a check-out onto a scale. Due to the approval of the federal board of weights and measures the European-wide use of euroSCALE is secured. AWEK presents euroSCALE in hall 6, booth E/41.

With euroSCALE the scale becomes a check-out. Continuous management, floating sales mode, accurate weighing, taring, and clearing are now possible directly at the deli counter. Moreover, the solution provides the entire range of functionalities of a check-out such as price information, change, and promotions. As a unique customer service recipes can be printed directly onto the receipt.

The "embedded" version of the POS solution euroCASH can be used as a touch check-out when combined with a proprietary scale. The keys of the intuitively operable touch screen can be assigned to fit ones needs. In doing so, best-sellers can be allocated to permanent buttons to allow for a quick handling.

Scale system and check-out alike recognize the different units such as weight and quantity. Thus, avoiding mistakes and ensuring accurate clearance. Since the POS system is suitable for use in networks a floating sales modus allows to start a receipt at one scale and to continue at another one. Furthermore, the tare is integrated. When weighing a container, the scale display is set to zero, and the tare value is subtracted from the maximum load.

The scale solution euroSCALE applies to deli counters in butcher’s shops just the same as in bakeries, and fish departments. Bakeries could weigh their breads by loaves but also by slices, do-it-yourself and hardware stores could weigh their nails and screws. Because of the integration of the scale into the check-out the calculation of the correct price is guaranteed at all times.

"The integration of check-out and scale is of great advantage to employees and customers alike, since the transactions are simplified in many ways. On one hand, i.e., the system displays promotions and special offers, thus, allowing the customer to redeem coupons and vouchers on the spot. On the other hand, the customer benefits from a faster check-out process." says Andreas Berger, CEO of AWEK. "The combination of check-out, scale and other media, such as customer displays, is what seems to be the perfect marriage of the future as it is gaining ever more importance, in order to offer new dimensions in customer service."

AWEK presents the solution euroSCALE at the trade fair EuroShop from
February 26th - March 2nd 2011 in hall 6, booth E/41.