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Carrying on in its quest as a Naturally Innovative Company constantly meeting customer needs yet also proactively aware of the changes dictated by political, economic and social pressures affecting the refrigeration sector and retail in general, Euroshop 2014 sees the ARNEG World Group is presenting a series of highly technological, innovative, practical and modern, aligned with the very best on offer in the world of digital communications.

The Arneg World Stand will be exhibiting all the refrigerated and non-refrigerated equipment solutions, used in both food retail and store fitting spheres.

And the overall theme of the Arneg stand is the world in all of its representations. The world of nature, technology, art and culture. The world of food and drink, trade and supermarkets. The world of the Arneg Group and all its branches located on every continent. The world of the people who with the innovative power of their ideas, environmental sustainability of their solutions and the ethics of their choices improve the world.

Starting with the cold food sector, among the new refrigerated counter models that ARNEG is presenting are the new Coimbra, Venezia and Barcellona serve-over counters in which major focus has been on reducing energy consumption and on product design and visibility features with elegant, light forms (Coimbra) and clean minimalist lines (Barcellona and Venice). These features make these two models suitable for use in bars, coffee shops, bakeries and ice-cream parlours.

Again in the refrigerated serve-over counter sector, particularly models for conserving fresh produce, where food quality and shelf life is essential, ARNEG is presenting the refrigerated counter circulated air ozonisation system application, designed and tested in collaboration with Padua University’s Molecular Medicine Department. Ozone’s powerful oxidising property keeps foods like meat, fish, cold meats, cheese, vegetables, eggs and cereals decontaminated on the surface, so mould, bacteria and mites and cross contamination do not appear. Fish stays fresh for 40-50% longer in storage, meat remains fresh retaining its original colour, and vegetables do not perish, the maturing process thus naturally slowing down.

The new Brasilia vertical cabinet line boasts innovative design where elegant, versatile and communicative qualities allow the user to exploit different display volumes to create a balanced combination that enhances communication of the displayed product, facilitating saleability. And Arneg’s awareness of mobility issues is showcased on a Brasilia model, where the counter exhibited has been specially designed according to an assisted shopping concept, to meet the needs of people with mobility issues. Its structure allows easy, autonomous access and pick up of all products displayed inside the refrigeration cabinet, even on the top shelves, via an automatic system managed by an on-board touch screen or iPad which also further information on displayed goods to be visualised.

For the refrigeration systems sector Arneg is presenting its new CO2 Transcritical Booster system, running completely on natural refrigerant gas, suitable for both low and medium temperature usage. The Silent Rack SR systems instead exemplify energy efficiency, silent operation and innovation in the refrigeration systems sector.

As regards information and communication ARNEG is using the QR Code as the fast, precise, targeted key to its Web world, presenting applications which will soon be operative on all of its products.

But the most important brand new innovation in refrigeration technology that ARNEG is presenting in collaboration with COOLTECH Application (France), in a global preview at Euroshop 2014, is a prototype display cabinet using the magnetocaloric effect for cooling. This technology may revolutionise the commercial refrigeration sector and offers multiple benefits, ranging from the absence of any kind of refrigerant gas to significant energy saving of up to 50% compared to current vapour-compression systems.

The product ranges that the companies within the group are offering – Arneg with the vertical Francoforte wall-site cabinet, OSCARTIELLE with the Urano frozen goods island and INTRAC with discount shelving – are three of the most advanced on the market. The Francoforte wall-site cabinet offers a series of build features particularly suited to their destined use - tough components, large shelf and basin load capacity, simple access for cleaning and maintenance, superior technical performance and significantly reduced energy consumption thanks to the twin air curtains. The OSCARTIELLE plug-in Urano island, available with the environmentally friendly, efficient R290 refrigerant, is the best solution to complete discount store Frozen Goods and Ice Cream sections. Superior product display visibility, generous load capacity, a variety of modules and vast range of solutions, tough build, and superb performance yielding large energy savings guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. The INTRAC shelving created for use in discount areas stands out with very important mechanical features. High load capacities, easy shelf adjustment, excellent construction material, finishes customised to chain requirements and a vast range of accessories make arranging discount shelving an easy task. A new line of vertical wall-site cabinets also features.

There is a broad range of INCOLD products for the cold room sector, particularly the new self-repairing rapid roll-up doors.

INTRAC’s intelligent solutions for each product category in shelving and cash desks cover all requirements in both food and non-food sectors.

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