STI Group

“Enjoy Water”: GROHE and STI Group implement European POS concept

The motto "GROHE Enjoy Water" describes a life attitude toward water-related products. The trick: capturing that spirit in a high-quality presentation of merchandise at the POS. "GROHE Enjoy Water" reflects a life attitude based on the values of quality, design, technology and innovation. In this way it matches up excellently with the motto of the market leader in the European display industry, the STI Group based in Lauterbach, Germany. At its core, the STI motto of "Expertise beyond expectations" embodies precisely the same values.
Monolithic and modular display line
The monolithic display line is the quintessence of design and perfection. It comes in a black and white look that harnesses a contrast effect to shine the spotlight clearly on the actual GROHE product in a refined and classy way. The wood-based display is fundamentally composed from two components: the rack system, in a tuxedo black, and the presentation surface in a high gloss bridal white. Each version is a solid unit and stands out for durability and a determination to meet highest demands for quality. Product and display come together in a symbiosis around the shared base of values.
The modular display line is fully the equal of the monolithic version in terms of design and perfection. This line also features a black-and-white look, but the innovation comes in its modular approach: flexibility is key. That applies both for the presentation of the products as well as the placement of the display.