Waste Management, Recycling, Cleaning

Waste Management, Recycling, Cleaning

Cleaning up and taking care of the trash – those are the pesky tasks in every household. For retailers this is also a part of everyday life, albeit in much bigger proportions. Waste management, recycling and cleaning are important cost factors. Politicians create regulations for handling fresh food or old batteries. Customers want clean stores and at the same time like to shop without being bothered by cleaning services. We are taking a look at the sales floors and also behind the scenes.

Interview with Kai Falk, Managing Director at German Retail Federation (Handelsverband Deutschland, abbr. HDE)

Retail does a lot to avoid waste, believes Kai Falk from the German Retail Federation HDE. He fights against further political obstacles and embraces the upcoming German Life-Cycle Resource Management Act as a step in the right direction. However, the retail federation opposes an additional tax on plastic bags and take-back requirements for all small electric appliances.

Interview with Andreas Jeschke, Head of Sales and Service Central Europe, HSM

Waste can cost a lot of money or actually make you some money. Retail can get more from disposal companies with compressed resources than from loose material in a container. Usually the space behind a store is limited. Modern molding presses significantly reduce volumes. Andreas Jeschke of HSM details what retail should look out for. HSM, headquartered at Lake Constance, produces “made in Germany” products since 1971.