Topic: Sustainable retail - possibilities and shortcomings

Why sustainable retail is a plus for retailers


Sustainable retail offers a lot of ways to go easy on resources, save costs and refresh the image of a brand. The Topic on gives insights into a promising subject.

"As a grocery retailer, we work on lean logistical processes every day"

Lean and Green Award winner Lidl explains its sustainability concept in this interview

Photo: Lidl E-Truck in front of a supermarket

© Lidl

Sustainability and climate protection are subjects that ultimately also pertain to logistics. Recently, GS1 Germany presented the Lean and Green Award to four companies who plan to reduce their logistics-related CO2 emissions by 20 percent within five years. Award winner Lidl Stiftung emphasizes optimized route planning, the reduction of empty runs or avoidance of smaller subsequent deliveries. In this interview, the company explains the different measures.

"You don’t have to be instantly 100 percent green"

Interview with Peter Désilets, pacoon AG

Photo: Peter Désilets

© Natascha Mörs/beta-web GmbH

German retailers are scaredy cats – at least when it pertains to sustainable packaging concepts. The fact that they could save up to 20 percent in costs by using them and that they are passing up an immense image improvement, barely seems to lessen this fear. Peter Désilets from pacoon AG took the time to visit us in our editorial office to talk about the reasons for this reluctance.

French supermarkets are no longer allowed to throw away unsold food

Government takes action against wasting food in retail

Photo: French supermarket leclerc


Ambitious goals: The French government is aiming to reduce waste of food by 50 percent until 2025. This is why supermarkets are no longer allowed to just throw away unsold food. The retailers themselves are criticizing that a new law affects the wrong party.