Sustainability in retail

Topic: Beacons and small steps toward increased sustainability in retail

Green IT, green supermarkets, green products – green is “hot“ at the EuroShop. Retail is very aware of the trend toward sustainable economic management. Those who conserve natural resources can do something for their own image. But a lot is only done if it also pays off. In some cases, retailers need to heavily invest first. What is show and what is truly sustainable?

EuroShop interview with Dr. Oliver Blank, Director of Marketing and International Sales at Aichinger

Source: Aichinger
Aichinger in Wendelstein near Nuremberg views itself as Europe’s leading specialist in the area of food store furnishing concepts, shop fitting and professional kitchens. The group of companies annually carries out over 1,500 furnishing projects and manufactures entirely “made in Germany“ in two factories with 26,000 m2 production space. Dr. Oliver Blank believes: too much variety in merchandise is a thing of the past, today it’s all about the shopping experience. A store needs to look great and needs to work.

Interview with Kai Falk, Managing Director of Communication and Sustainability at the German Retail Federation HDE (Einzelhandelsverband HDE)

Source: HDE
Sustainability has become a competitive factor in retail, according to Kai Falk. That’s why companies invest in energy saving measures in their supply chain, retail stores and line of products. In the HDE spokesperson’s opinion, companies primarily count on energy reduction measures when it comes to shop fitting.