Successfull trade fair appearance

Source: Resopal
One can never begin planning ones own trade fair appearance soon enough. In our new topic we show how it works and what is to consider:

Successfull trade fair appearance

Trade fair planning from the customer’s perspective

Source: René Schellbach
If you want to be successful at a trade fair, you should not just focus on the trade fair days. The foundation is already laid months earlier. Follow-up on trade fair conversations is also important.What sounds like a matter of course, is often lamented by many observers as a deficit with numerous exhibitors.

How to get great media coverage as an exhibitor

Source: René Schellbach
Trade fairs are important appointments for journalists. You meet all the competitors in one place, but the coverage already starts a long time before the trade fair. Yet many exhibiting companies do not want to let the media see their deck of cards too soon – for fear of the other competitors, though more often than not, because internal planning starts too late and the press is informed “at the eleventh hour.”

“An exhibition booth is a company’s stage and temporary home“

Source: FAMAB
Interview with Elfie Adler, Managing Director of FAMAB e.V., Association for Direct Business Communications
Exhibition construction companies offer exhibitors more than just an exhibition booth. FAMAB Managing Director Elfie Adler views them as partners for all functions of trade fairs – from planning all the way to press relations and catering. In this interview, Elfi Adler gives tips on how exhibitors can reduce their trade fair stress and improve their work.