Store lighting

Realistic lighting creates trust

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Tidy and well stocked, clean and equipped with innovative details and displays: this is what sales floors and areas should look like, so they attract customers and invite them to look around. However, one detail can make a special contribution to the presentation: lighting.

”LED spots continue to replace the traditional halogen lamps to add new accents“

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Marcus Zauner is Marketing Manager for LEDtec. In a EuroShop interview, he talks about the advantages of LED in store lighting and explains what advantages LED has compared to T5 neon tubes and what the trends in lighting look like for 2013.

Appropriate lighting helps with orientation and product presentation

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Light can subconsciously influence people, positively as well as negatively. Sunlight makes people happy and in the dark months of winter depressions are more common than in the rest of the year. But aside from such extreme effects, the psychological influence of lighting can also be used for shop design. It helps create an individual atmosphere and buying incentives.