Wired Led Lighting

Wired Led Lighting is an Italian company working in the architectural lighting market and provides professional lighting solution for shops, offices, residential, and public areas.

Our company mission is to supply, retrofit and convert standard lighting equipment into high quality LED equipment, granting a better efficiency, reduction of maintenance costs and improving quality of light both in colour render index and in natural chromaticity of the light. 

We use the best supply system as drivers and converters existing in the European market, sure that the supply system is the crucial element of a good Led lighting system.

We are constantly updating our led efficiency with the latest solutions available in the market, achieving a professional quality of light both as efficiency and as colour render index.

Our company propose a wide range of products covering all the needs of the indoor lighting projects.

We  work also on custom products, designed together with our customers, and we can customize colours, size and specification of our lamps according to our customer needs.

We support our sales offer and our customer with personalized lighting project which can simulate the final lighting effect and can help the projector to finalize its choice.

We consider the presale service very important for our customer, in order to create a long lasting business relationship.

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