Versatile, Lda.

VERSATILE is now a certified company according to 9001: 2015

Because the commitment of Versatile Displays with the quality and satisfaction of our customers comes first, we obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 Certification.

Customers are increasingly aware of quality and expect their suppliers to proactively meet the highest quality requirements for products and services. In this sense, as a way to ensure the total satisfaction of our customers in the short and medium term, we have bet on this internationally recognized certification, which is a challenge, but also an opportunity! As a way of proving the dedication we have for our clients and demonstrating our commitment to quality and satisfaction, we obtained the Quality Management System certification according to ISO 9001 which allows us to reinforce the institutional image and follow the market in constant evolution. ISO 9001 is based on eight principles of quality management:
· Focus on Clients
· Leadership
· Involvement of People
· Process Approach
· Management Approach through a System (QMS)
· Continuous Improvement
· Approach to Decision Making Based on Facts
· Relationship with Suppliers with Mutual Benefits

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is internationally recognized and provides continuous improvement of quality management processes and systems, which translates into overall performance improvement and positive influence of Versatile Displays results.

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