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The laser - the unique tool for shop and display fittings

Not only established brands, but also creative medium-sized enterprises want to present themselves remarkably at the Point-of-Purchase. Extraordinary forms for displays stand out from the masses.
Conventional cutting systems and milling machines have been established for a long time in the manufacturing technology. In recent years, more and more laser machines are used for finishing.
With the universal “tool”, highly filigree designs can be realized and printed materials can be cut precisely. Shop fitters and display manufacturers using laser cutters stand out from the masses with creative display ideas or new branding approaches.

Which advantages do laser systems have for processing PMMA compared to conventional milling machines or cutting plotters?
The laser cut is unbeatable on acrylic, as no material post processing is necessary. Brilliant edges on transparent acrylic for displays make the time- and cost-intensive manual flame polishing superfluous. Milled edges must be polished with a machine in a second processing step. The laser achieves a crystal clear finishing in half the time in only one processing step.
Laser finishing enables larger amounts and more profit connected therewith. Not only with PMMA, but also with wood, paper, cardboard, MDF, polystyrene, textiles or foam the following applies: All geometries can be implemented.
With laser technology, the costs for new tools are dropped, as the laser beam is not worn out by the material processing. Furthermore, the material does not have to be fixed. Highly filigree cuts with an accuracy in the tenth field are implemented without problems.

Can printed materials be cut accurately?
Printed displays, letterings or branding can be cut individually thanks to laser technology and an optical recognition system. With other methods, small deviations in print lead to unsatisfactory results. A camera system recognizes all distortions in print, regardless of whether they are linear or non-linear distortions or rotation and offset - the cutting path is adapted automatically and dynamically. The cutting lines always fit perfectly with the printed material.

Which laser sytems does Trotec recommend for shop and display fittings?
The more power the laser device brings along, the more productive the shop fitter. A system of the laser class 2 creates an optimal environment for the operator. The right exhaust power is also crucial for a flame-polished cut. The icing on the cake is a multi-functional table concept - all requirements when engraving and cutting acrylic, wood or also cardboard can be fulfilled therewith.
As an add-on, a camera system is recommended when finishing printed materials. Trotec laser systems can be equipped with the laser software JobControl® Vision – thus, the perfect contour cut of printed materials functions without problems.

More products - more value
Everything is possible from simple rectangular signs to complex contours, displays and illuminated signs:

·         Printed displays in exceptional forms
·         Contour cut of illuminated acrylic signs
·         Acrylic letters, laser-cut and backbit
·         Large-format engraving and marking of acrylic plates for LED panels and backlit applications
·         Printed and cut card displays
·         UV- printed, contour-cut signs made of high quality acrylic
·         Printed advertising materials of acrylic, illuminated letters and logos
·         Flags, appliquées and banners

See the large format laser cutter SP3000 live in hall 3 at stand D02!

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