Azkoyen s.a. - Cashlogy

The Azkoyen Group will launch the new POS 1500 series of Cashlogy internationally at Euroshop

• Cashlogy automates all cash processes at the point of sale and simplifies their management.
• Cashlogy incorporates the most innovative technologies and positions the new POS 1500 series as one of the most reliable devices in the market

The Azkoyen Group, a multinational specialised in the design, manufacture and commercialisation of advanced technology solutions, will take part in EuroShop 2017, the leading retail trade fair worldwide, which will be held in Düsseldorf on 5-9 March. At EuroShop 2017, Azkoyen will launch a new generation of products which, thanks to continuous improvement and the incorporation of the most innovative technologies, will position the Cashlogy POS 1500 series as one of the most reliable devices in the market.

In addition, with the new Cashlogy POS 1500 series, connectivity has been extended to all of the most commonly used operating systems in shops around the world, including Android, iOS, Linux and Windows. Accessibility has also been expanded with the incorporation of a new folding banknote module.

Cashlogy is a device that automates all cash processes, simplifying their management. It minimises the time required for opening and closing the cash register and reduces the possible losses associated with misplaced money and fraud involving counterfeit coins and bills. It is also perfect for places where hygiene is a very important factor, since employees do not need to handle the merchandise and cash at the same time.

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