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T3 exhibition systems add strength to A/W Fashion show

The unprecedented level of flexibility and customisation offered by the modular design of Tecna Display’s T3 system helped exhibition display company Golden Strength to design a simply stunning array of visuals for the CabiScoop fall fashion show in July at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre, Massachusetts.

The show is a highly anticipated yearly event for women’s’ fashion designer and manufacturer Cabi, where they unveiled their latest Autumn/Winter collection of women’s fashion.

Golden Strength were asked to create an event display that would give attendees and the public a sneak preview of what was to come in the actual show. This was no easy task considering the amount of fashion lines and accessories that were to be showcased.

Working together with Tecna Display, Golden Strength used a variety of display techniques to create a unique and eye catching visual show to excite and thrill the audience.

Philippe Van Ameyde from Tecna Display said: “The entire display of 14 graphic stands, two floating walls and two encased pedestals was built in the lobby of the convention centre. The design allowed Cabi to use huge stunning visuals on the stands, clothed mannequins in the encased pedestals and to display all manner of products with the floating walls.

“Using a combination of our steel sided fusion tubing and connectors for the framework, the magnetic strips attached to the large graphic panels allowed for the graphics to be mounted securely and without hassle. This was a simple yet effective method and allowed for the wide array of displays to be constructed flawlessly. The beauty of the T3 system is also in the versatility and ease of construction.

“All 18 of the display pieces were transported to the venue in compact travel cases that were fitted into the back of a car or van with no trouble. Each graphic stand and floating wall required no more than three team members with a ladder or scissor lift and took just 45 minutes to construct.”

The more complex encased pedestals took five team members around five hours to set up, but none of the displays required tools or prior knowledge of the T3 system products to complete the build, making it by far the most efficient and dynamic of modular display systems.

Once the event was over, all the components packed quickly and efficiently back into the travel cases and stored for their next job and venue.

Philippe continued: “The overall effect at the show was fantastic, and of course all the different elements can now be used either together or individually, offering a great return on investment and an incredibly flexible stock of displays to choose from.”

For more information on the Cabi and their Scoop Fashion Show go to www.cabionline.com. For more information on the displays used go to www.goldenstrength.com/ or www.t3systems.com/        

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