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T3 Systems help retail designers unleash their creativity with modular display solutions and new products at Euroshop 2017

T3 Systems is helping retail designers unleash their creativity, offering a cost-effective, modular display solution with new products and profiles that will make it the most adaptable system on the market today.

And the team is leading by example, by building its entire exhibition stand using only T3 Systems and utilising partner product Wandlite for the state-of-the-art LED tube lighting (stand 5/C11).

The T3 System – based around Tecna Display’s unique ‘twist and lock’ modular framework – allows unlimited options for designers building retail spaces and the ease of graphics replacement ensures shops can always keep up with seasonal changes and promotions.

The T3 stand will showcase a new litebox profile and the new ‘Media Vision’ multiple media booth, both being launched at the show, plus:

·                     An illuminated back wall

·                     A new photobooth package deal

·                     A dedicated Wandlite area

·                     Free-standing LightWalls

·                     Interactive screens and tablets integrated into the stand design.

The integrated Wandlite ‘booth’ on the stand will be used to demonstrate the Wandlite lighting solution and its capabilities when it comes to the display industry. The versatile, long-life LED tube light with 360 degree lighting is perfect for modular display systems including plinths, light walls, counters, flooring and towers.

And the many tablets and screens dotted around the display will not only allow visitors to learn more about the product through a variety of animations created by the design team, they also demonstrate the ease of creating a space-saving, interactive and easy-to-update display area.

Jonathan Evitt, MD of Tecna Display and The Wandlite Company said: “There’s a lot of interest in building your own displays and allowing your own creative ideas to come to life today – you only have to look at the increasing popularity of Lego for adults to see that!

“We’re using our T3 Systems stand to tap into that feeling of curiosity and creativity that allows designers to come up with unique and effective individual exhibition and retail spaces that perfectly fit their needs, and that can be taken apart and rebuilt differently as and when those needs change.”

For information on Tecna Display’s T3 system go to www.t3systems.com, email sales@tecnadisplay.com or call 0208 803 4469. For more information on Wandlite go to www.wandlite.com.

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