Aurora Limited

'Retail & Connected, Smart Lighting. Can it be awesome?

On the first day of the LuxLive 2016 exhibition in London, one of Europe’s largest lighting events, hundreds of visitors gathered at the IoT Arena to hear Neil Salt, Aurora’s Managing Director of the IoT Division and Chief Marketing Executive, present his views on ‘Retail & Connected Lighting. Can it be awesome?’.

Embrace new disruptive technology to succeed

Highlighting technologies that have proved disruptive in the past, Neil warned that what is around the corner will be equally as turbulent. He says “It’s not a time to be complacent about technology and the benefits it can provide”.

He explained how history has demonstrated that those unwilling or are too slow to change become victims of the disrupters, as well as revealing the companies already adopting change and what the value will be to those who embrace this technology.

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