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PRESTIGEenterprise Dash Promotion

Online Software presents ideas for the application of new, trendy Amazon mini buttons at EuroShop 2017. Technically the Dash Button is a typical example of the „Internet of Things“ (IoT), since the button is connected to the Internet – via Wi-Fi. By selecting it an action is triggered. Originally introduced by Amazon in 2015 to initiate orders more quickly, Dash Buttons open up exciting possibilities for retailers on the sales floor as well. The term "to dash" means "to speed along" – by this it is implied the online order is speedily fulfilled. With only the click of a button and a reaction is triggered within the shortest amount of time. At Amazon this is defined as an order fulfilled within 24 hours. PRESTIGEenterprise Dash Promotion is designed as active support within daily store life. By means of the small, inexpensive plastic button, the promotion playlist provided by the Digital Signage PRESTIGEenterprise software can be deliberately invoked again.

More: https://www.online-software-ag.de/en/euroshop2017.html

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