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PRESTIGE Bot KIM: „Good Morning PRESTIGEenterprise“

The world’s first Digital Signage System that listens. Online Software AG presents the PRESTIGE KIM bot for retailers and customers. From here on in PRESTIGEenterprise will think ahead and answer questions autonomously based on all available data – also using Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service.
Online Software presents the PRESTIGE KIM bot for „artificial intelligence with added value“ at EuroShop 2017. The term „bot“ stems from the English word „robot“ and denotes a computer program that for the most part automatically executes repetitive tasks. KIM will help retailers in the future with daily tasks and answer questions about existing Digital Signage systems and their content. For example, „Which content is currently running at the fresh foods counter?“ or „How often is a certain brand displayed?“ In this way a retailer can more easily and quickly analyze the status of a campaign in a branch store and react to the sales trends.

The bots can be used by both retailers and also customers. Customers will be able to retrieve deals that particularly interest them, for example in the area of tourism look up trips for a certain time or to a desired location.

Whether via Chat or speech input via Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, the bot is a digital means of communication based on the PRESTIGEenterprise standard system interface API. It receives all the requirements, analyzes them and delivers the answers. It is intelligent, learns and delivers results in the desired formats: written as a chat answer, or spoken, or as a directly executed action, such as, for example, the immediate activation of a promotional advertisement. Access to the bot occurs via all modern channels. Communication applications, such as Skype or Facetime messenger are just as applicable as voice input with Amazon Alexa.

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