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Optimized for Performance: METTLER TOLEDO Extends Portfolio with Auto Wrapper 880

Gießen, 5 March 2017 – At­ EuroShop 2017 (Hall 6, Booth E61), METTLER TOLEDO is presenting the flagship of its new range of backroom solutions: the Auto Wrapper 880. The wrapper has one of the smallest foot­prints of its performance class and comes with a proactive and comprehensive maintenance schedule that is consistently aligned on reducing the total cost of ownership.

With the Auto Wrapper 880, METTLER TOLEDO is responding to the needs of ­retailers who are looking for a high-quality, economical and robust system for automatic weighing, wrapping and labeling ­in backroom environments. “Our presentation of the Auto­ Wrapper 880 at EuroShop 2017 also marks the kick-off of our roadshow, throughout which we will showcase our backroom expertise to grocery retailers on-site,” comments Lutz Nungesser, METTLER TOLEDO Business Area Manager Retail, Region Central Europe.

Excellent Quality Wrapping
Whether for fresh meat products in self-service displays, fresh fish or pre-packed fresh fruit and vegetables, the Auto Wrapper 880 guarantees that food products are wrapped, sealed and labeled with maximum precision for­ a perfect sales image. In many backrooms, staff turnover is high and employees often have limited experience in operating automatic wrappers, which can result in varying wrapping quality and associated product spillages, leakages or untidily positioned labels. The Auto Wrapper 880 allows for every operator to control production runs fast and easy. At the same time, a continuously high standard of wrapping is achieved thanks to automatic tray centering, correct and uniform wrapping and precise label positioning. Lutz Nungesser: “The 880 brings all the quality benefits of industrial wrapping and labeling into the backroom.”

Proactive Service
The METTLER TOLEDO Auto Wrapper 880 comes with a maintenance schedule that drives forward industrial standards for the ­backroom. “We want to optimize the operational uptime for grocery retailers. Typically, retailers experience two peak periods of wrapping – one in the morning and another in the afternoon –, for example, when restocking the self-service displays with pre-packed fresh meat products. That’s why our service model for the Auto Wrapper 880 includes fixed appointments for proactive maintenance based around planned downtimes of the machine.”

Ample Speed Reserves
With a footprint of just two square meters, the Auto Wrapper 880 takes up very little space and is one
of the most compact machines in its performance class. Thanks to a wrapping speed of up to 35 trays per minute, the machine offers ample reserves to ensure the interruption-free replenishment of shelves and product displays­, even when the store is very busy­. Label and film rolls are changed quickly and easily­, which is especially important at peak times.

Easy Operation and Cleaning
The Auto Wrapper 880 combines the advantages of a keyboard and a touchscreen in a single, integrated operating­ concept. “Experienced users often know numerous PLUs by heart and can enter these at high speed using the keyboard, without even glancing at the touchscreen,” says Lutz Nungesser. “Less­ experienced employees or temporary staff can use the touchscreen to call up the products. In effect, they learn the PLUs as they go along, so their speed and confidence soon improve.” Furthermore, the touchscreen gives employees direct access to the most frequently used functions such as on-screen help for cleaning, maintaining and operating the equipment. Lutz Nungesser: “The backroom is no place for time-consuming and costly on-the-job training. In case of the Auto­ Wrapper 880, the on-screen help functionality of the touchscreen fulfills the role of a trainer, such as to explain how to change a roll of film or labels and for the obligatory daily cleaning.”

During its roadshow, METTLER TOLEDO is holding live demonstrations of the Auto Wrapper 880, which is available now.

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