New collection from Homapal: Laminate with leather appearance in IMO quality

Homapal presents a fully revised leather collection at Euroshop. This includes eight typical colours to suit current market trends and three different surfaces that feel soft and authentic. Homapal offers the entire collection in fire retardant IMO quality as standard, i.e. specially suited for ship building in accordance with the International Maritime Organization criteria. The material is ideal for high-quality interior designs.

For the manufacture of these new surfaces, Homapal uses a technically produced imitation leather that is pressed with a permanent embossing onto a high pressure laminate core. The process gives them their typical leather appearance and feel. Embossing plates add the characteristic structures. The finished laminate can be fitted and processed using standard tools.

The advantages of imitation leather are self-evident: it is not just easier to care for and more durable than real leather, but is also less resource intensive and is available in larger sizes. The surfaces can be reproduced as often as necessary and are more UV-resistant (light-fast) than comparable surfaces made of real leather. And, last but not least, far fewer chemicals are used in the production process.

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