La Filometallica SRL


MEGAMAN®’s continuous commitment to innovation and sustainability gives specifiers and designers the latest in high performance LED light sources perfect for retail and hospitality applications.

MEGAMAN® is proud to be the only major brand to have exclusively manufactured low-energy lighting products throughout its entire history, offering more than 20 years of industry expertise and innovation to the lighting market. Beginning in 1994 MEGAMAN® has evolved to become a low- energy lighting solutions provider now offering a comprehensive range of luminaires and lamps as well as a lighting design service.

Artificial light enhances the way we live and work. It brings us safety, comfort and productivity. MEGAMAN® is committed to providing light in a way that is truly sustainable, energy-saving and of such quality it brings a positive difference to the customer experience enhancing sales and customer retention.

MEGAMAN® is now applying its market-leading experience to retail applications realising large scale roll outs with major international brands, as well as individual schemes for independent retailers.

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