In addition to its wide range of lighting products IDEALLUX presents the new range of IDEALLUX LED products.

Thanks to the use of high quality components, IDEALLUX takes centre stage in the recent evolution of LED devices with a new line of products with elevated light flow.
The new models offer the possibility to choose from various levels of light flow, cable types and to have various colour temperatures.

The IDEALLUX LED line devices produce light which enhances everything they illuminate optimally and with increased energy saving. They are suitable for lighting internal environments such as offices, corridors, reception areas, meeting rooms, museums, hospitals, hotels, shops and restaurants.

IDEALLUX LED uses the DALI system for part of its products.  DALI is a system for lighting control where devices fitted with its components can be controlled individually. This guarantees maximum visual comfort and increased energy saving. The DALI system allows for a series of functions such as presence detection, infrared switching control, daytime light management, setup and programming of timing. The IDEALLUX LED products can be.

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