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HappyOrNot, new player in the reputation reporting services, hits 400 million feedbacks

HappyOrNot®is proud to announce that customers have given over 400 million feedbacks with almost half received in the past year, and trending to hit one billion in 2017. This milestone surpasses other customer satisfaction data bank giants like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Angie’s List, which have received 385 million, 115 million and 15 million feedbacks respectively.

The surge of customer feedback illustrates the continued demand for interaction between consumers and businesses. For many reputation reporting services, the data is transactional in nature, such as leaving an online customer rating after a hotel stay or a quick press of a button from a feedback terminal located near a cash register. These small bits of data put together across millions of customers is what constitutes as “big data” and with this data many companies can uncover hidden keys to growing, acquiring and retaining users that could translate into a competitive advantage.

“When HappyOrNot clients improve their satisfaction levels, many have seen a subsequent improvement in other KPIs like conversion rates, basket size, and loyalty. Management would rather know how happy people were yesterday at their stores, not how happy people were 12 months ago,” says Heikki Väänänen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting company. He continues, “Comparing customer results against industry benchmarks have provided tremendous value to our clients as well. Our goal is to keep data quality high to supply each industry the best possible benchmark in different countries.” HappyOrNot is currently present in 98 countries and growing.

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