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Heidia Shelf Master is a point-of-purchase (POP) digital signage solution for effectively engaging customers with your brand and influencing in-store purchase decisions.

Heidia Shelf Master is an advanced, self-contained, dynamic shelf signage solution. It effectively provides retailers with the ability to increase product visibility and update information instantly in response to rapidly-changing, brand-specific messaging decisions. This effective, easy-to-maintain platform is remotely controlled, allowing ultimate content versatility and product adjustability at any retail point.

The Heidia Shelf Master cuts labor and time consuming POP campaign logistics. The solution merely requires a one-time installation with no external accessories to maintain. 

The Heidia Shelf Master was successfully tested and implemented by P&G in Israel, with results showing an increase in response and exposure [over 50%] to their new media and marketing messages.

Procter and Gamble, the largest global manufacturer and distributor of consumer products incorporated Heidia Shelf Master as a standard brand imaging and promotional platform for achieving the goals of its Israel-based activities.

For its launch of Always Infinity (Feminine Hygiene Products), they want to increase value for both the customer and the company through modern, effective media solution – the Heidia Shelf Master.

P&G believes that communicating its message to the customer directly, clearly and intimately at the Point Of Decision, can significantly increase sales. The Heidia Shelf Master increased response and exposure to new media and marketing messages by over 50%.

Except P&G, a lot of global brands like Coca-Cola, Abbot, and Unilever chose the Heidia Shelf Master. The SALES TRIPLED in branches which integrated Shelf Master with the POP campaign efforts.

Heidia Shelf Master has proven to be a groundbreaking and profitable advertising and merchandising solution.

For more info:  shelfmaster@heidia.co.il  Tel. +972 (3) 9780978, +972 (52) 9595944 Fax. 972-3-921-1665

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