Generation - Friendly Commercial Refrigeration Solutions by FREOR at Euroshop 2017

In the coming Euroshop 2017 trade fair, which will be held from March 5 to 9, 2017 in Düsseldorf, issues of sustainability and energy efficiency will be the focus of many stands. After all, these are issues that substantially impact the investment decisions of retail companies – both today and to an even greater extent, in the future.

FREOR philosophy is reflected by the company’s slogan “Thinking Green”. It stands for a sustainable and responsible business culture, focusing on the environment and energy efficiency, as well as innovations and high-quality products. In taking responsibility for our environment, we manufacture and highly promote the use of “green” natural refrigerants, propane R290 and CO2 in commercial refrigeration equipment. All FREOR’s remote refrigeration units are available with CO2 and the majority of plug-in units are also available with propane R290.

At the event in Hall 17, stand A74, we will present various cooling technologies, including the “Green Wave R290” line of supermarket refrigeration solutions – from cabinets to freezers and newly designed serve over counters. We will introduce our new electronic control Multi Wizard system to you, designed for the controlling, operating and monitoring of refrigeration appliances to optimize their performance.

Among the exhibits is our new multi-functional heating pump terminal. This innovative 4-in-1 system chills glycol, circulated within a closed loop in refrigeration systems, while maintaining a minimum and stable condensing temperature. It heats or cools the store area depending on the season, and it also prepares hot water over 65 °C without the need of any additional electric heaters. It is a fully automatic system that is self-regulating depending on the outside, in-store temperature, and the condensing temperature of the refrigeration units. The terminal has remote monitoring and controlling capability and can be connected to the building management system. This intelligent system delivers a considerable savings in energy for the entire store, as it allows the benefit of 100% refrigeration heat reclamation that can be used for space heating and the hot water supply.

FREOR “Green Wave” line products, in addition to being energy-efficient solutions, also allow stores to be more sustainable – to reduce the emission of greenhouse-effect causing gases and contribute to preservation of the environment. We will be happy to present our innovative FREOR refrigeration solutions to you at our stand in Euroshop 2017.

Exhibitor Data Sheet