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Future of retail: Robot TORY is present at EuroShop 2017

What will the future of retail look like? Will there be more robots? If so, what kind of applications and capabilities are required? As experts in mobile service robotics, MetraLabs offers the opportunity to discuss these and further questions about the future of retail and robots in retail at EuroShop 2017. The fair takes place from March 5 - 9, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. You will find MetraLabs in hall 7 at booth A37.

Düsseldorf/Ilmenau. At EuroShop 2017, the world’s leading retail trade fair, MetraLabs will present their two most successful mobile service robots: RFID inventory robot TORY and the entertainment and guiding robot SCITOS A5. Both robots have been deployed to various sites for some time now. TORY is the first RFID inventory robot in continuous life operation worldwide. Over a year ago, TORY was installed in a store of the German fashion retailer Adler Modemärkte AG in Erfurt, Germany. Soon, ADLER extended the use of TORY to further stores. SCITOS A5 has been used in hardware stores and museums. Since November 2016, SCITOS A5 has been serving as a guide under the name of TIM at Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin.

MetraLabs continuously refines both robots. SCITOS A5 is now equipped with security capabilities. The robot has got a 360° camera which enables it to control storages and sales floors. TORY is currently used for autonomous inventory via UHF-RFID. Besides, TORY serves as shopping-assistant by guiding customers to articles they are looking for. For the future, TORY will be taking over more tasks in retail. To this end, MetraLabs is developing new applications, e.g. speech recognition and synthesis, planogram management, floor cleaning and transport of goods. “In the future, mobile service robots will have a place in retail. With TORY we would like to provide a reliable all-in-one solution and develop it in close cooperation with our clients” says Dr. Andreas Bley, Co-Founder and Managing Director at MetraLabs. Especially for small stores, MetraLabs offers a light version of the conventional TORY: By using TORY to go it will be possible to speed up manual stocktaking and to reach higher reading accuracy.

At the EuroShop 2017, MetraLabs will give visitors the chance to discuss their ideas of the future of retail and robotic applications in retail. Besides, everyone is kindly invited to pin their ideas and wishes to the board at MetraLabs’ booth or to join the discussion on facebook using the hashtag #retailrobots. TORY will be available for selfies, too.

On-site contact
Placement: Hall 7, Booth A37
Contact person: Dr. Andreas Bley, andreas.bley@metralab.com, Phone +49 173 5 61 46 61

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