Findbox GmbH becomes SES-imagotag Deutschland GmbH

  • This rebranding follows the strategic and financial partnership between SES-imagotag and Findbox finalized end of last year
  • Management remains in the hands of former findbox founders Michael Unmüßig and Thomas Schwarz
Findbox Gmbh the German start-up based in Ettenheim, and specialised in innovative technologies for commerce that has developed an optical product recognition solution which enables the consumer to instantly find the product he is looking for, today announces it becomes SES-imagotag Deutschland GmbH. This rebranding is a natural step forward after SES-imagotag and Findbox, signed in November 2016 a final agreement for the purchase by SES-imagotag of 100% of Findbox shares.

The Findbox solution enables retailers to offer a very useful service to their clientele and to increase their sales. In just 3 years, Findbox has undergone rapid growth and has installed its solution in more than 200 stores in Germany, France, Great Britain and the United States. The technology and industrial partnership foreseen by SES-imagotag and Findbox will offer retailers the world’s broadest digital solutions for physical stores and omnichannel retailing and will mutualize R&D efforts and global supply chain capabilities. Through this partnership, SES-imagotag will capitalize on Findbox’s complementary technology assets. In addition, Findbox will accelerate its growth by leveraging SES-imagotag' industrial strengths and global geographic footprint. 

SES-imagotag will take the opportunity to showcase in March at Euroshop in Düsseldorf Germany (the world biggest retail show), its new global path through its connected store. Alongside its trend-spotters and innovation experts, the Group will invite its visitors to travel to the heart of a unified commerce, converging digital and physical retail thanks to technology.  At home, in public or in a shop, SES-imagotag will display how to experience tomorrow’s commerce now!

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