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EuroShop 2017: moving forward into the future of retail, with wanzl connect

Wanzl and EuroShop have written success stories together. The 19th EuroShop 2017 event is 50 years young. In Hall 13, Stand A89, Wanzl – one of the world's leading system partners – invites visitors to discover the future of bricks-and-mortar retail on an exhibition space of 1400 m2. #uptrade with wanzl starts now! 

The digital consumer revolution is in full swing. One of the focal points of Wanzl's #uptrade with wanzl programme at the EuroShop event is how food markets and farmers' markets become very good retailers in the age of e-commerce. The wanzl connect software-based solution controls all in-store processes and collects useful customer data, enabling retailers to make shopping as convenient as possible for their customers.

The Wanzl Customer Connect app component provides shopping lists, personalised offers and information on preferred brands and prices, tailored to customers and their lifestyles. 

wanzl connect for the perfectly-stocked shop
The wanzl connect software architecture comprises the Smart Trolley and Store Management system components, which provide data for Customer Connect and the Click&Collect-Box – the pick-up station for chilled and non-chilled goods. The Smart Trolley, which is equipped with RFID tags, transports the goods and provides important customer information such as the route a customer takes through the store, the length of their visit, their preferred products and the revenue in the trolley basket. This creates transparency on the sales floor and makes it possible, with the help of the connection to the cash register system, to measure the conversion rate for campaigns, whilst also optimising product placement at the Point of Sale and supporting efficient staff planning for perfect customer service. 

 Store Manager control centre
 The Store Manager collects all incoming data on one platform. It is the control centre of the store manager of the future. It is used for the intelligent management of a store – from providing sufficient trolleys in the trolley shelter and checkout staffing that ensures customers do not have to endure long waiting times, to cash register control and monitoring of entrance systems, back stations or third-party systems such as deposit stations, refrigeration units, etc. The customer also receives push messages to their smartphone about current offers. This all comes together to boost sales! Other important benefits physical retail offers on the sales floor include personal contact, the freshness of the produce on offer and the store as a place of inspiration, entertainment and shopping, creating a fantastic shopping experience with Wanzl Shop Solutions.

Information online
Visit uptrade.wanzl.com to read about retail professional Wanzl's views on the networked future of retail, which will connect all distribution channels and use them collectively on an omni-channel basis. The topics of physical retail and shop design plus retail equipment as an exclusive venue experience and entertainment also make for exciting reading.

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