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EuroShop 2017: Interactive digital signage and rental information columns for retail outlets

Digital signage in the retail sector: Bosch Experience Zone – kompas POS.pointer integrates interactive digital signage into shopfitting – Interactive digital signage for shopping malls – dimedis is presenting new touch-sensitive rental information columns – Presentations during the events program

Cologne, February 15, 2017 – dimedis will be presenting the use of digital displays and wayfinding systems for the retail trade and the POS as well as interactive solutions for the POS, and rental information columns for events and trade fairs at the world's leading trade fair for the retail trade, EuroShop in Düsseldorf. Special emphasis will be placed on applications such as wayfinding systems for shopping malls as well as the shop-in-shop solution "Bosch Experience Zone", with which dimedis won the viscom Digital Signage Best Practice Award 2015. A particular highlight at the trade fair will be the première of a new function in kompas: kompas POS.pointer integrates interactive digital signage into modern shopfitting. When a user touches a product on the column, the product is illuminated in the adjacent shelve.

From March 5–9, 2017 dimedis will be presenting the multi award-winning digital-signage system kompas on the joint booth (Hall 3 / H67) with its partner, Radio POS from Kiel, as well as the wayfinding system kompas wayfinding, with whose help the concrete applications have been implemented on-site. Another topic at EuroShop will be the new rental information columns for events and the POS. EuroShop will also be using five information columns equipped with the kompas software on the exhibition grounds in order to provide the visitors with information about the exhibitors and to display advertising. During the events program at the trade fair, dimedis will be holding three presentations on the possible uses of interactive digital signage. These will deal with the topics gamification, the Bosch Experience Zone as Best Case for DIY superstores, and the advantages of digital wayfinding for shopping malls.

New kompas feature: "kompas POS.pointer”
dimedis will be presenting the seamless combination of interactive digital signage and modern product presentation on the shelf for the first time. If the user selects a product on the column, the product is lit up on the adjacent shelf. The user can now try out the product and put it into his shopping basket straight away. EuroShop visitors can test this function in the Bosch Experience Zone.

During the EuroShop trade fair, the EuroCIS Forum and the EuroShop Omnichannel Forum will be holding numerous presentations with practical examples. dimedis will be presenting three interesting topics:

1. Omnichannel Forum at EuroShop 2017
Monday, March 6, 2017 from 12:30 to 13:00:
"Bosch Experience Zone – Digital signage in the DIY superstore"
Khalid El-Boubsi, Project Manager for Digital Signage at dimedis GmbH

2. EuroCIS Forum
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 14:00 to 14:15:
“Making shopping a fun activity – interactive columns as a touchpoint for gamification”
Ibrahim Mazari, Head of PR/Communication at dimedis GmbH

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 12.00 to 12:30:
"Digital wayfinding for shopping malls – service and market research tool for the POS"
Wilhelm Halling, founder and managing director of dimedis GmbH

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